About Scintilla Solventech

At Scintilla Solventech, Quality for its employees means understanding requirements of both internal and external customers, and striving to meet or even surpass these. Quality is not just a destination but a journey.


We have a quest to work relentlessly towards fulfilling the ever-rising expectations of our customers by conducting periodic self-assessments and by constantly raising the bar and surpassing it. We set high quality standards, benchmarking ourselves against the best of the best, maintaining Quality at every stage.

Our Mission and Vision

* Provide solutions for Business Process and Document Management to its customers for mutual prosperity and happiness.

* Meet or exceed customer requirements by delivering solutions and services on time every time leading to customer delight.

* Make continuous improvement in quality management system effective.


Kedar Corporation, Guntur

Sri Vasavi Real Estates, Guntur


Veda Junior College, Sattenapalli

Pragathi School, Sattenapalli

Srinivasa Public School, Pedanandipadu

Katuri Public School, Lalpuram

Scholors International School, Piduguralla

Vijetha Pulblic School, Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada

Goutham Public School, Chittinagar, Vijayawada

Basara Concept School, Guntur


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